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Welcome to the home of Lock 'N' Safe Lumber Sorter Bin Restraint Systems.

Lock 'N' Safe quickly, effectively and safely locks out lumber sorter bins to ensure the bin floor will not move when a worker is present in or below the bin area.



Entry into or below the bin area is typically done by labourers performing clean-up duties, production workers remedying skewed lumber on floor chains or maintenance personnel repairing or replacing equipment. Lock 'N' Safe is used instead of lowering the bins (lifts) onto positive mechanical stops (as required by WorkSafeBC regulations and guidelines G10.3) as this has proven to be extremely time consuming and is often done incorrectly.


Conventional mechanical safety stops are not designed to withstand the impact of a falling lift (i.e. from hydraulic or mechanical failure in suspension system), but lowering bins onto these stops is typically skipped as the sorter bin lift hydraulic system does not possess the power required to raise a partially full bin. The Lock 'N' Safe Lumber Sorter Bin Restraint System is used as a replacement for these conventional mechanical safety stops to ensure proper lockout is effortlessly completed each time.


Over 12,000 Lock 'N' Safe restraint units have been installed throughout North America, Australia, and New Zealand during the last 30 years. Our client base includes 40 of the top wood product companies in North America.