Lock ‘N’ Safe Certification Requirements and Service Life States:

  1. Lock ‘N’ Safe systems must be visually inspected and load tested by a certified LNS technician every five years in order to maintain certification per WSBC regulation part 4.3(2) and 4.8(2)( c ).
  2. Lock ‘N’ Safe brake units have a rated service life of 10 years, at which point they must be replaced unless they can be re-certified by our technician for an additional five years – based on our visual inspection and a successful load test.
  3. Following item 2, the Service Life of a Lock ‘N’ Safe brake unit is limited to a maximum of 15 years because our inspection and testing procedure cannot evaluate internal wear, cracking, fretting, or corrosion – and the cost to adequately evaluate the brakes internal components is greater than the cost to replace the brake assembly.
  4. We recommend that any Lock ‘N’ Safe brake unit which is beyond its service life be replaced within one year to maintain the reliability of the system.


Lock 'N' Safe products supplied by LNS Services are warranted against defects in material and workmanship for a period of one (1) year from the date of shipment. Replacement shall be made free of charge F.O.B., Burnaby, B.C. upon proof of the defect. This Warranty is to the original purchase only and shall not apply to any defects resulting from misuse, negligence or physical damage. This Warranty is also contingent on the Buyer maintaining the Product according to LNS Services specifications. LNS Services shall not be liable for any loss, cost or injury, damage to person or property, loss of use of the product, nor for loss of production or any consequential damage of any kind or nature whatsoever.