Lock 'N' Safe

The concept is simple: Lock 'N' Safe quickly, effectively and safely locks out lumber sorter bins to ensure the bin floor will not move when a worker is present in or below the bin area. Lock 'N' Safe is similar to a cable brake that stays open with compressed air, and requires no electricity to operate. Lock 'N' Safe units are easily installed in any type of bin sorter. 

Each Lock 'N' Safe system is designed to accept a working load of 10,000 lbs. per brake unit for a total bin weight of 20,000 lbs. The factor of safety on each brake unit is five to one based on actual load tests made on prototypes. Each brake unit is shop tested to 20,000 lbs. on our test bench.

Please visit www.lock-n-safe.com to learn more. 


Marcus Naidu
Mechanical EIT & Lock 'N' Safe Manager