The Line

Ensuring the safety of workers who must attach binder cables to center-beam rail cars is essential for businesses that ship their products by rail. In wet and frozen conditions the top of rail cars become very slippery and a fall from the top could result in serious injury. The Line is a portable fall restraint device which is used when workers must climb on top of center-beam rail cars during loading and unloading activities. It consists of two aluminum masts which are attached to each end of the rail car with a cable strung between them. The cable is then tensioned between the masts by the use of a non-slip winch. 

When a worker needs to access the top of the railcar he simply connects the lanyard from his safety harness to the cable. The worker is then restrained from falling to the ground. The Line is easily set up on any center-beam rail car in less than five minutes.

The Line complies with all WorksafeBC guidelines and has been supplied to over 30 facilities in British Columbia, Alberta, and the United States.