The restraint units are welded to the floor of each lumber sorter bin, beyond the lumber line and clear line sides, using an adapter bracket designed specifically for each make and model of sorter.


To complete the Lock 'N' Safe system, cables are mounted to the frame of the sorter using custom made top and bottom anchor brackets. The cables, made to the specific length requirements of each sorter, are equipped with a swaged-on-ferrule that fits into the top anchor bracket. The cables are passed through the restraint units, pre-tensioned and anchored to the bottom brackets.


A separate air header is installed on the lumber line side to supply compressed air to all of the restraint actuators. The air header is field-piped to the existing mill air supply. A coiled airline feeds compressed air from the air header to each of the lumber line side restraint units. An air hose is installed through the bin floor to supply air to the clear line side actuators.