LNS Form Work Carpenters provide leadership for all other trades.  The Form Work Carpenters will layout and build foundations, and install bolt settings for the other trades to follow. Carpenter need to be able to work safely and productively in difficult and noisy settings.

Rates for Red Seal Carpenters are $34.27 per hour for this project and higher for industrial projects.  We will also consider experienced unticked carpenters at $30.84 per hour.

The United Steelworkers Union rates are complete with full benefit packages.  


Carpenters have the ability to:

  • Read blue prints and layout for excavation and form work;
  • Build and install forms;
  • Install bolt settings;
  • Be versatile in general carpentry;
  • Use effective problem solving skills;
  • Ask when he or she does not understand;
  • Follow direction;
  • Organize work for themselves and apprentices;
  • Pay attention to work around them and still produce effectively;
  • Look for potential hazards, install effective controls, and communicate with safety officers and supervisors to ensure they are working in a safe environment.


Minimum 4 years of experience in the construction industry, preferably in a commercial or industrial setting.

Desired Qualifications

  • Red Seal Certification in Carpentry
  • Has completed Construction Safety Training Systems (or equivalent)
  • Has a current Level 1 First Aid certificate
  • Valid B.C. Driver's Licenses, with safe driving record

Available Positions

  • 5
Available Positions: