Apprentice Carpenter

Apprentice Carpenter

LNS Apprentice Form Work Carpenters lead the way for all other trades.  The Apprentice Carpenter needs to be able to work safely and productively in difficult and noisy settings. We are looking for apprentices who want to learn how to be proficient in layouts, form building, installing bolts and embeds accurately, as well as other aspects of carpentry pertaining to commercial and industrial carpentry.  You have the desire to show up for work on time and with a good attitude.  You are eager to learn how to work productively in difficult settings, while maintaining a safe and hazard-free work site.  You have the desire to continue to learn through-out your career and make an above average wage.  You are above all a team player, who will lookout for his teammates and keep in mind what’s best for the safe completion of the project.  You love the pride of completing a project.  Please apply if these attributes describe you.

Base rates for Apprentice Carpenters on this commercial project are as follows:

  • First Year                  $20.57
  • Second Year             $23.99
  • Third Year                 $27.42
  • Fourth Year               $30.84

Rates are higher for industrial projects.

The United Steelworkers Union rates are complete with full benefit packages.  


Apprentice Carpenters have the ability to:

  • Be versatile in general carpentry;
  • Use effective problem solving skills;
  • Ask when he or she does not understand;
  • Follow direction;
  • Pay attention to work around them and while working productively;
  • Understand complex math.


Minimum 1 year experience in construction industry, preferably in a commercial or industrial setting.

Desired Qualifications

  • Registered apprenticeship in Carpentry
  • Has completed Construction Safety Training Systems (or equivalent).
  • Has a current Level 1 First Aid certificate.
  • Valid B.C. Driver's Licenses, with safe driving record.

Available Positions

  • 5
Available Positions: